Success from student trips to Zimbabwe

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Anthropology Students from UWTSD’s Lampeter campus recently visited Zimbabwe as part of a trip organised by the Love Zimbabwe charity.

The idea of the cultural exchange programme is to give students the opportunity to live in a rural community village and participate in voluntary projects. ‘Love Zimbabwe’ is an independent, non-government charity, working directly with people in the Chinamhora community, near the capital Harare. The charity works in partnership with the community, identifying what they need to deal with the extreme poverty that they’re experiencing, and then, help them through various sustainable projects. Fair-Trade is also an important aspect of the charity’s work where they support individuals and groups to start their own businesses, making African arts and crafts.

Lucinda with children in Zimbabwe

One of those who visited Zimbabwe on this recent trip was Lucinda Walker who graduated at UWTSD with a first class degree in the summer. She commented: “Studying Anthropology and visiting Zimbabwe has completely changed my life. Going to Zimbabwe was an incredible experience that increased my confidence academically and personally. Whilst in Zimbabwe, I carried out fieldwork on the commodification of light in Chinamhora village. It was an honour to be awarded the Helen MacCormack-Turner Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship for the uniqueness of my research.”

Brydie Parkes’ two visits to Zimbabwe has had quite an impact on her also and she’s curr

Brydie Parkes

ently very busy fundraising for the local birthing clinic in the Chinamhora community. Brydie, who is the Women’s Liberation Officer at Trinity Saint David Students’ Union, said:

“I am so grateful that I was given the chance to visit Zimbabwe twice now. Working there has allowed me to make lifelong friends and a chance to do research for my dissertation. While on my second trip I realised that I wanted to help the people there and saw an opportunity with the work I do with in my university as women’s liberation officer to raise money for the local birthing clinic there. I hope to be able to return to Zimbabwe one year and see the great work that the clinic has been doing!”

Senior Anthropology lecturer at UWTSD Luci Attala added:

“I am so proud of the work the students have been doing in Zimbabwe. Anthropology at UWTSD has now formed a strong partnership with the charity Love Zimbabwe and we hope to do much more work with them in the future. Anthropology at UWTSD is a discipline that works hard to encourage students to actively participate in their studies but, I must say, this group have gone above and beyond. It’s fantastic to see our wonderful students being part of creating solutions to world issues.”