Success at Glastonbury!

Promoting Love Zimbabwe at Glastonbury, a great letter from one of our supporters, Bill:

Love Zimbabwe,

I thought I would send you some feedback on my experience of supporting Love Zimbabwe at Glastonbury this year.

We were fortunate with the weather. The Green Futures area is ideal for the stall. A good proportion of the people passing through the Green Fields are broadly supportive of our approach, and are happy to talk with us and admire the work we sell. This was reflected in the sale of wrist bands and donations.

We were open from around 9am to 9pm, Wednesday to Sunday. Sales were good apart from one day which was very quiet. When people buy from Love Zimbabwe they appreciate the Fair Trade aspect, the value for money and the skills involved in production, but also many like to have a story to tell about the background to Love Zimbabwe’s work. During the festival we spoke to hundreds of people about life in Zimbabwe, the economy, the drought, the uncertain political situation, and other challenges faced by the community. Probably customers are more empathetic because of their own short-term challenges with weather, sanitation and water supply while at Glastonbury! They are really pleased to hear how their money directly helps to improve the quality of life in the community. Quite a number buy from the stall every year.

As usual we were visited by some people who already have some connection with Zimbabwe through birth, and/or family, and/or work or tourism. We also meet people who live in Wales and are interested in the Fair Trade and other events.

Martha and Dave are also now well known to the network of festival organisers and other stall holders.

In summary, it was a privilege to support the charity, and to enjoy and contribute to Glastonbury 2017.

Yours sincerely,