The sun came out for the Love Zimbabwe Book Bonanza last Friday 20th April.

The event was organised by David & Martha Holman from Love Zimbabwe charity in conjunction with the Abergavenny Writing Festival, by kind permission of Lucie Parkin. The idea is to collect as many books as possible for the couple to take to Zimbabwe next year for the library that is currently under construction at the charities’ community centre, 40 minutes north east of Harare. A good crowd of supporters gathered, bringing a varied selection of books which helped to get the proceedings going. Speeches praising the project came from Nick Ramsay A.M., Mayoress and Councillor Penny Simcock, and Martha Musonza Holman. Also present were Councillors Martin Hickman, Teslin Davies and Sam Dodd.

Penny Simcock (Mayoress), Martha Holman (Founder and Trsutee), David Holman (Operations manager) and Nick Ramsey (AM)

David Holman praised all those who had made the effort to come and support. He said, ‘Education is one of the only ways out of poverty in Zimbabwe. These books will go a long way to help people to improve their knowledge and give them hope for the future. The nearest library is in Harare and is difficult for local people to get to’. Martha also thanked Homemakers who have agreed to give dry storage for the books until April 2019.

The second launch day happened on Tuesday 24th April at the Senedd building at the Welsh assembly, when A.M.’s were asked to support the book collection initiative. The event was hosted by Nick Ramsay A.M. and Bethan Sayed A.M. Many A.M.’s turned up to give pledge their support for the scheme, and a good amount of books were collected.

If you have any books that you would like to donate, please contact either David or Martha on or delver them directly to Homemakers at their Gasworks yard site.


Martin Hickman (Trustee), Lucinda Walker (Trustee), Martha Holman (Founder and Trustee) and David Holman (Operations Manager) at Love Zimbabwe charity book launch.