Happy Holidays

We would like to thank all of our dedicated supporters, friends, colleagues and new followers for their continuous support throughout 2016. We have raised a record amount throughout the year and developed new initiatives, which support our local community in Zimbabwe.

Exchange Trips:

Our annual visit to Chinamhora Community Centre each year provides our community with many success stories. We are currently partnered with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David; select students who are studying Anthropology embark on our exchange trip. The exchange seeks to broaden their cultural awareness and also the students get to assist directly in our ongoing projects. Due to the successful impact of our exchange visits, we are happy to announce that we will now be running two annual trips.

Keyhole garden tool kits:

One of Love Zimbabwe’s key values is to promote and support permaculture both in Wales and Zimbabwe. In 2014, our community centre manager, Taurai Sinaro, visited Entebbe, Uganda to learn about keyhole gardening. Almost two years later Taurai is still implementing keyhole gardens at the community centre. It has not only secured the centre with food and produce, but also provides a lasting structure to continue using. This innovative and sustainable model is a resourceful method to cultivate food. Using left over food and often-recycled water from nearby pumps or sinks, the soil absorbs the nutrients it needs to produce healthy food.

This year lots of our friends and supporters donated money to Love Zimbabwe in order to purchase hoes, picks and spades to create keyhole garden ‘tool kits’. These kits are now being used amongst our beneficiaries In Zimbabwe to create more keyhole gardens.

Tonde’s Stones:

We are also thrilled to announce another partnership with Tonde’s Stones, a stone sculpture importing company that supports Zimbabwean artists. Bertie and Francesca, the founders of Tonde’s Stones, were inspired by Love Zimbabwe’s work and wanted to support us in any way they could. They have agreed to donate a percentage of each stone carving they sell to Love Zimbabwe. We would like to thank both Francesca and Bertie for supporting us; their commitment supports local communities and sustains livelihoods.

Visit Tonde’s Stones


From all of the Love Zimbabwe trustees and the communities we support, we hope you enjoy the festivities and have a happy new year.