Fighting COVID-19 in Parirewa Village, Domboshawa

The Parirewa community has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing a face-mask-making project and constructing tippy taps in villages surrounding Chinamhora area in Domboshawa. These projects have been funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa programme which has supported over 20 different African charities including LoveZimbabwe.

Speaking to Eluned Morgan MS, Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language in the Welsh Government, Taurai Sinaro, manager of Chinamhora Community Centre highlighted the current situation in relation to COVID-19, how people are responding to the pandemic and the effects of on-going drought and poverty. People in Domboshawa survive on subsistence crop production with some surplus sold. Most of these crops are sold at a local vegetable market located by the Showgrounds where a lot of consumers come from the city. Taurai explained that this is a hazard as there is a lot of contact between the farmers and the consumers and people are finding it hard to adhere to social distancing. Therefore, the Chinamhora Community Centre committee, led by Taurai have been educating people about social distancing and the importance of WASH (“water, sanitation and hygiene”).

We are training and paying over 20 women and girls to make washable face masks that are being distributed around the community free of charge. We will drill a new borehole at the community centre which will provide clean water for public use. We will install more than 2000 tippy taps and each of these will have information about COVID-19. Tippy taps are a hands-free way to wash your hands that is especially appropriate for rural areas where there is no running water. They are operated by a foot lever and thus reduce the chance for disease transmission as the user touches only the soap.

A tippy tap being used in the village

Taurai added that the tippy taps are being strategically located at the entrance of each compound/homestead so that any visitor can wash their hands before they get in contact with everyone else. Tippy taps will also be installed in schools ahead of them opening on the 28th of July. Five schools have been chosen who will be provided with sanitizers for teachers and 20litre bucket with taps for each school.

Love Zimbabwe trustees and its founder, Martha Musonza Holman, are very grateful to the Welsh Government’s support. Martha said,”I am so humbled by the support of my people from the Welsh Government. It is good that the Wales and Africa programme has brought this partnership; it is making a huge difference to people’s lives.”

We would be grateful if you can contribute financially towards tackling COVID-19 in Parirewa village. You can donate here.