Local AM, Nick Ramsay recently brought up the subject of the current problems in Zimbabwe in Plenary questions in the Welsh Senedd.

He raised the issue with the new Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language, Eluned Morgan AM.

Nick mentioned the fact that in his constituency was the charity Love Zimbabwe run by Martha and David Holman. He stated that in only a matter of months the situation in the country had gone from bad to worse, and that a feeling of joy and hope had been replaced by sadness and sorrow. He asked the new Minister to hold out a helping hand to Zimbabweans living in Wales as in his experience there is a great affection by them for the people in this country. He finished his question by saying that it would be excellent if Ms. Morgan could foster a good relationship with Zimbabwe through charities like Love Zimbabwe who are working in Wales for that purpose.

In reply, Eluned Morgan said that Love Zimbabwe was represented through the Wales For Africa programme and that she wished to establish a comprehensive database of those involved in these initiatives. She went on to say that it was important to develop personal relationships with those concerned and to use ‘soft power’ to help improve situations in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.  She mentioned that she looked forward to meeting Martha and David Holman to discuss these matters soon.

Written by David Holman