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During the last visit to Zimbabwe in 2013/14, we held several meetings with the newly founded Chinamhora Trust, Zimbabwe, and the local community about what was needed. The community is desperate for a library where children and adults of all ages can go to read and educate themselves.

With a scarce number of libraries in Zimbabwe, it is incredibly difficult for many people to access books. We believe that books are essential to learning and that the divide between those who can and cannot access books should be abolished. With all of the trustees in agreement, our main project to build a small library on the community centre land.

In the future, we plan to construct a small computer lab on the end of the library so that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be accessed in the most rural of places. This not only allows everyone the opportunity to use a computer but can also advance ICT  knowledge to better equip these people in the modern world.


Pride in the community.

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