Connecting communities and culture

We are an independent, non-government charity, working directly with people in Chinamhora community, near Harare in Zimbabwe. Working in partnership with the community, we are able to identify what they need to deal with the extreme poverty that they’re experiencing, and therefore, we can help them through sustainable projects.

Fair trade is an important aspect of our work as we are helping individuals and groups to start their own businesses, making African arts and crafts, and get a fair price for them. We are associated to Love Zimbabwe Fair Trade, which is a company that sells the goods in the UK.

Education is the foundation

A very important part of what we do is to educate the wider community around us, in Wales and Zimbabwe, about what fair trade means and why it’s important. This ranges from educating children in Welsh schools about fair trade and African culture, to providing skills workshops for Zimbabweans to start their own businesses.